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Nylabone Original Petite

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Nylabone Original Petite is a chew made from pure nylon to keep your dog's oral health in check and satisfy their chewing habit.

Chewing is a natural activity that satisfies your dog's instinct to chew on objects.

Therefore, the bone-hard texture is a perfect item to help their need.

It wears down slowly for splinter-free plaque and tartar control for improved dental health.

  • The regular chew size is excellent for normal-sized dogs.
  • Appropriate for dogs weighing up to 15 lb.
  • Find in various flavors: original, chicken, bacon, and peanut butter.
  • The multiple textures in the bone provide stimulating and tactile chew.
  • Made from tough, durable nylon for tough chewers.
  • Made in the USA since 1955.


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