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Urban Pet Supply (UPS) is a one-stop shop for canine and feline products ranging from food, chews, toys, and accessories.

Visit the UPS store to purchase the desired product directly or even order online with minimal or free delivery charges.

Our e-Store lists the products according to category, price, utility, and colors to make your shopping experience easier and quicker.



UPS was founded by DVM Dr. Anil Regmi, a practicing veterinarian, animal lover, and entrepreneur who has been working in the field for over 25 years.

Born in Nepal, a Himalayan country in South Asia, he moved to Des Moines in 2000 to put his pet care expertise into practice.

After 7-years of rewarding experiences as a veterinarian and several satisfied clients, he decided to start a quality pet care center with a wide range of services available at affordable prices. Hence, Urban Pet Hospital and Resort and UPS were born in 2007.

UPS is a dedicated pet store that offers a wide range of pet products such as edibles, chews, toys, and accessories at affordable prices, including the signature Dental Chew "Churpi."

Organic Dental Chew & Pet Products

Dr. Regmi’s concern with preservatives and artificial flavoring in pet diets was just one of the many reasons for manufacturing the pet dental chew called “Churpi” or "ChurpiDurkha."

The product is made from locally sourced organic materials in Nepal -Churpi is a cheese and milk-based edible casually eaten by people in Nepal. It contains high protein content beneficial to pet health.

Moreover, outsourcing Churpi production to Nepal also helps the daily wage workers in Nepal to earn a livelihood.

In addition, UPS also offers essential oils, pet odor-eliminating candles, and soothing tea tree oil spray, all organic and highly beneficial.