Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) and has a woodsy, warm, soft aroma. Diffuse Frankincense during meditation for grounding and purpose.


Traditional herbal uses of Copaiba Balsam were to treat skin hemorrhoids, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, constipation, and bronchitis. In combination with other essential oils it is an excellent fixative to bind more volatile aromas and extend their shelf life.

Massage into scalp for the appearance of healthy-looking hair

Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy. Could cause possible dermal sensitization.


This oil is known for purifying properties. Helpful with the nervous and respiratory systems. Supports a calming effect in times of anger, known to help with nervous tension, urinary infections, sinusitis and water retention.

Application: Apply to Vita Flex points and directly on area of concern. Diffuse.

Has NOT been recommended for oral usage as of this time !!


Canine /Feline uses

Helps support healthy brain function, supports circulation and the body’s ability to oxygenate

(Diffuse – or use with Raindrop/petting technique or massage with carrier oils)



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