About Us

Urban Pet Supply, LLC was created by Dr. Anil Regmi, a veterinarian originally from Nepal and now living in Des Moines, Iowa.  Dr. Regmi has been practicing veterinary medicine for 23 years. In 2000, he opened his own practice, the Urban Pet Hospital. After seven years of consistent success and an increase of clients, Dr. Regmi realized there was a need for quality medical services at affordable prices. This led him to open the Urban Pet Hospital and Resort in 2007. This new clinic offers daycare, boarding rooms that include TV’s and webcams, water therapy, weight loss programs, grooming and dog training using positive reinforcement. 

Dr. Regmi’s concern with preservatives and artificial flavoring in pet diets was just one of the many reasons he decided to start manufacturing a pet dental chew called “Churpi” or "ChurpiDurkha".  This new brand will not only help and benefit his patients, but also the people in the Himalayas, who will export the "Churpi" or "ChurpiDurkha" they make to Dr. Regmi here in Iowa, and will then be able to sustain a better life style in the Himalayas. Dr. Regmi has established Urban Pet Supply, LLC and has launched a new product in "Churpi" or "ChurpiDurkha" Dental Chews. Your furry friend is sure to love "Churpi" or "ChurpiDurkha"!

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