How Often Should You Feed Your Dog?

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Feeding your pet a right amount of food at a right time ensures they stay healthy and fit. The amount and time of feeding depends on the size, age and breed of your dog.
Generally, a pet is only fed 2 times a day, however, this may not be the case for younger dogs or pups.


Body weight: 3 lbs

Food: Cups per day: 1/3 cup 139 calories

Body weight: 6 lbs

Food: 1/2 cup 233 calories


Body weight: 10 lbs

Food: 3/4 cup 342 calories

Body weight: 15 lbs

Food: 1 cup 464 calories

Body weight: 20 lbs

Food: 1 1/2 cups 576 calories


Body weight: 30 lbs

Food: 1 3/4 cups 781 calories

Body weight: 40 lbs

Food: 2 1/4 cuos 969 calories

Body weight: 50 lbs

Food: 2 2/3 cup 1145 calories


Body weight: 60 lbs

Food: 3 cups 1313 calories

Body weight: 70 lbs

Food: 3 1/2 cups 1474 calories

Body weight: 80 lbs

Food: 3 3/4 cups 1629 calories

Body weight: 90 lbs

Food: 4 1/4 cups1779 calories

Body weight: 100 lbs

Food: 4 1/2 cups 1926 calories

Body weight: 3 lbs

If your dog has an eating disorder, you must train them to keep their appetite fit.

Tip: Leave the bowl on the floor for ten minutes and then pick it up, regardless of whether he has eaten. (If your dog is a slow eater, this period can be extended to twenty minutes, but only if he is still eating during that time and hasn’t gone off in search of other entertainment.)

At the next scheduled feeding time, put the bowl back down, again for only ten minutes. Pretty soon your dog will learn that he needs to eat when the food is offered.
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