Chhurpi / Chhurpidurkha

Chhurpi or Chhurpidurkha is hardened cheese typically made from yak milk. It has been used for human consumption for generations in Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Recently, it is being used as chew for pets in USA. 

Features and Advantages of Chhurpidurkha

  • It's all natural, no added chemicals, preservatives or additives. 
  • It maintains high protein content and very low fat.
  • The smoking process during the hardening of cheese removes the lactose making it easily digestible. 
  • It's great for teeth. The treat has also been known to remove dental tartar and plaque during the chewing process. 
  • It has minimal odor, won't stain, splinter, or chip your dog's teeth. 
  • Depending on the chewing habits of your dog, these treats last for days if not weeks. 
  • When the treat has been chewed down to small pieces, place it in the microwave for 40-60 seconds and the resulting puffy treats can be further enjoyed by your dog. Chhurpi Chhurpidurkha
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