5 Steps to Change a Pet’s Life

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Jan 24 is Change your Pet’s Life Day. The day is basically observed to enjoy the arrival of the pet in your life. You can turn your pet’s life into a wonderful journey by offering it the utmost love and joy.

A pet can be happy when it’s healthy, hygienic, and surrounded by a warm homely environment. To ensure that your pet is happy, you can do the following;

Quality Diet and Exercise

In 2016, obesity in pets accounted for more than 1.3 million nationwide pet insurance claim. It was a sharp 23% rise from the previous years.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s (APOP) 2016 clinical survey reported that nearly 54% of dogs and 59% of cats are clinically overweight or obese. Obesity can invite various ailments such as Inflammation, diabetes, heart conditions, metabolic and endocrine disorders.

Generally, an adult dog only needs 2 meals a day. A pup may need 3 or 4 meals a day. To keep your dog lean and healthy, you must prescribe a healthy diet which includes; water, protein, fats, vitamins, mineral, carbohydrates. Avoid feeding your dog sugar-contained food.

The minerals needed in only a small quantity, generally, less than 20 milligrams per day, is known as Trace Minerals, which includes;

  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese

Keep Pets Lean and Healthy

The chemicals in pet’s body should be kept regulated and maintained. Free thyroxine, cortisol, thyroid-stimulating hormone, prolactin, and furosemide can vary in pets which can invite obesity or other physical conditions.

You should indulge your pets in regular exercise. Take them outside often and feed only 2 meals a day. Cut on any unnecessary treats and snacks. You can buy canned dog food to provide essential nutrients, however, you should be wary while providing Vitamin D supplements which may invite Vitamin D toxicity.

Regular Visits to Vets/Wellness Check

A well-check or wellness examination is a periodic medical test performed on pets to assess their overall health. A wellness examination may also be called a 'check-up' or a 'physical examination'.

Well-check is required is to ensure that your pet remains healthy throughout its life. It may also include regular shots for rabies, flu etc.

Adult cats and dogs must be taken to vet for wellness check annually. For pups, the well-check must occur every 3 to 4 weeks to ensure they get necessary vaccination. For older pets, it should be bi-annually or every 8 months.

Dental Hygiene

By the age of three, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of gum disease. The dental problem isn’t only persistent in senior pets but in young and adult pets too.

Here are some of the common risks from a dental problem

  • Uncured dental disease invites a higher risk of heart, kidney, and liver disease.
  • Bacteria under the gum can travel to different internal organs and may also invite periodontal disease.
  • Dental disease can result in bad breath, painful chewing, and tooth loss.
  • Broken teeth are a major concern among pets. Chewing on hard surfaces or materials can render their teeth weak. A broken tooth can expose the nerve of the tooth which can be a painful experience for your pet.
  • You should consider brushing their teeth regularly; 3x a week for dogs, and 2x a week for cats. A regular visit to vets for pet dental cleaning is essential to ensure dental hygiene.


Grooming keeps a pet’s appearance enhanced. It doesn’t not only enhances their appeal but also keeps them hygienic, clean, and stress-free.

5 benefits of Regular Grooming

Eradicate Health Problem – Grooming lessens the chances of health problems, such as skin allergy, parasitic infections, scratches, and matted hair.

Cleanliness – General tidiness and physical appearance are ensured by regular and proper grooming.

Vital Organs – Grooming also monitors the status of essential body parts for the infection, such as; Eyes, Ear and Teeth, Nose, Underside, Skin Coat, Nail and Pads etc.

Physical Appeal – The physical appearance and standard are maintained with regular grooming.

Stress-free environment – Matted hair, long and burly fur can cause stress to many dogs on daily basis. Grooming keeps them comfortable and happy.
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